About AKN Solutions

AKN Solutions is a company that truly wants to improve the web and the way it is used for business. Founded in the summer of 2006 by Ahmed and Karim Elemam, the brothers decided it was time to put their business savvy to use to help others. Basing the business in Canada and with an office in Egypt, Ahmed and Karim spent extensive time traveling internationally to expand their knowledge base as well as their team.

Basing the business on strategy and development, AKN's goal is to help small and large businesses in their quest to improve and advance themselves through several methods. The first method focuses on design. AKN believes that a good design is both efficient and engaging. With a professional and experienced team of web designers and developers who have created engaging websites for such companies and government entities as Tour Egypt, Ibn Sina, Emeco, and Motelier, AKN can tailor your web experience to your very specific needs.

What good is having a great and engaging site if no one sees it? AKN specializes in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as well, which is the secret to showing up in search results and reaching your target market. Besides web based solutions, AKN offers various business solutions like Human Resource services such as talent management and training, to ensure that your successful business keeps the aspect perhaps most important to its success, the employees.

AKN has also done extensive work with conference and presentation arrangements. We handle these with ease and flawlessness, as we've helped organize and create Egypt's display and presentation during the major international travel exhibition, ITB Berlin. Our services for ITB Berlin ranged from public speaking to map and multimedia design, and everything in between, covering all the bases.

AKN plans to continue to fulfill its goal of assisting business who intend to improve in order to create a better business experience overall.