New solutions for the tourism sector

AKN Solutions specializes in various marketing strategies as well as web development. We know how much effort it takes to maintain effective and up to date websites, particularly in the tourism sector. That is why we have introduced new services designed especially for the Tourism Boards, so that there is no longer reason to worry about your website - cause that’s all going to be taken care of.

Years of experience gained by cooperating with the most important tourist sites in Egypt, among others Egyptian Tourist Authority’s (ETA), has made us a trust worthy partner.

Why should you consider cooperating with us?.

Introducing web solutions can be time consuming and costly. We can do it more efficiently and cheaper due to much lower operating and living costs in Egypt than in your country. Being based in Egypt gives AKN the edge over many other outsourcing options.

What We Offer

International Staff : Achieving the high ranking of the has been the result of engaging users of different nationalities in their own languages. The multilingual services we offer can be said to be our main competitive advantage, as services rendered in different languages reach out to a wider market more efficiently. Languages available are: Russian, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Chinese, Polish, Turkish, Danish, Dutch, and Bulgarian

Handling e-mail inquiries : our staff is all interested in tourism and excellent at communication and customer service; they have been trained to handle appropriate responses to the standard questions that are received

Social media : setting up, maintaining a comprehensive social media campaign that includes creating awareness on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Wordpress, LinkedIn, and Flickr. Apart from maintaining the social media outlets/accounts in English, we can offer engaging users of different nationalities in their own languages.

Web content : we prepare and up-date various news stories for our clients, as well as set up the web content according to our clients’ wish and guidelines.

Customer services : handling inquiries, answering questions and general hospitality services.