Public Speaking

Our team has worked with many worldwide organizations to improve their systems and talent. If you need a public speaker to help motivate your employees or communicate a message to the company, AKN has a panel of international speakers that can help your organization flourish. Our public speakers speak in conferences all over the world.

Working to get people/attendees to think outside the box, AKN participates in conferences aimed at changing the public mindset and perception of what is and is not possible.  One example is a conference held in Egypt by TRACK, which was attended by Egyptian youth in Cairo.  At this conference, Ahmed and Karim Elemam, along with a large portion of their team, attended the conference and gave a presentation about what makes the Egyptian people special - their creativity.  Using some simple props, they were able to connect to the youth and really push the limits of their imagination.  The team acted as an example of a real-life success story.

There are also many other examples of the excellent public speaking skills they possess displayed in the various engagements they've had at various events and television appearances during the last three years.

They've been asked my many television channels to speak about their goals in opening an office in Egypt, and their aim at motivating the Egyptian workforce, their vision for the future of Egyptian economy, as well as any advice they may be able to give to those who are looking for a way to improve and grow in their professional lives.

With this success rate, it's no wonder companies and organizations are constantly contacting Ahmed and Karim Elemam to motivate their employees in a similar way.